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4.3 /5
111 reviews

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Medivet 24 Hour Clerkenwell


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Open 24 hours, 365 days a year

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have internal round-the-clock care at our 24-hour practice.

  • Your vet in Clerkenwell

    We're a capable and experienced team based in Clerkenwell who deliver exceptional client and patient care. Find a full range of veterinary services and facilities, including nurse clinics and dental procedures. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our practice.

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Meet the team

Susanna Cattaneo

Lead Veterinary Surgeon

Michal Ciagwa

Night Veterinary Surgeon

Wiktoria Stodulska

Night Veterinary Surgeon

Will Cadell

Night Veterinary Surgeon

Elisa Becchetti

Veterinary Surgeon

Krizia Compagnone

Veterinary Surgeon

Giovanni Soliman

Veterinary Surgeon

Vicki Collard

Deputy Head Veterinary Nurse

Kirstie Johnson

Head Veterinary Nurse

Sal Kececi

Night Student Veterinary Nurse

Harriet Stokes

Student Veterinary Nurse

Jasmin Chung

Student Veterinary Nurse

Rebecca Lavinia Nickerson

Veterinary Nurse


4.3 /5
111 reviews
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Feb 6, 2019
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Ryan
Amazing vets with even better staff! Nancy is a highlight, my dog loves her and sees the vets as a treat because of this. Had surgery there and both my dog and I felt completely safe and at ease.
Feb 1, 2019
Facebook Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Sophie
Great caring and friendly staff for our 4 legged friend.
Jan 26, 2019
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Karan
Joe was the most friendly and knowledgeable veterinarian we've visited. He treated our cat with the utmost care but also took his time to teach us about our cat's issues.
Jan 23, 2019
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Adijat
The service was wonderful The staff was caring and helpful Homely Lovely place
Jan 20, 2019
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Caroline
Both my cats have spent a few days here recently and the standard of care, professionalism and friendliness of the staff is wonderful. They clearly care very much about the animals they treat and genuinely engage with them and their owners. I love the 2 separate waiting areas for Dogs and Cats/Small Furrys.
Jan 18, 2019
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Cecilia
Supportive and shows a genuinelove for your pets
Jan 7, 2019
Facebook Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Aisha
My ferret, Sky, underwent an operation at Clerkenwell. Due to the time it took for him to come around from the anesthetic and his general lethargy, the decision was made to observe him overnight. The staff were amazing and perfectly happy to report his progress when I called at midnight and then called me back in the early morning and afternoon with more updates. When we went to pick him up the daytime shift were full of enthusiasm and stories and pictures of all the cuddles and attention he'd received! The wonderful people working here quite clearly care very much for the animals they look after and I am so very glad they could look after Sky while he was recovering.
Nov 3, 2018
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Amanda
The Clerkenwell Animal Center team helped our cat Crusher quickly and effectively, and the staff made us feel safe and informed when we were afraid and uncertain about our pet's health. Allowing us to visit and providing frequent updates showed us that you deserved every ounce of trust we placed in you and helped reduce the stress level of our nervous cat (and her nervous humans). Thank you!!
Aug 27, 2018
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Jacqueline
The vets and nurses have taken such great care of my Olly (cat) so far. He came to them quite poorly and they were quick to act and turn things around. They appear really experienced and I trust them with my cats care completely. They have kept me updated regularly and have been really patient with answering any questions. They are absolutely wonderful and I am tremendously grateful
Aug 18, 2018
Facebook Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Hilary
Sorry (Mark) this took so long but it was too painful to do. In 2012 one of 2 beautiful litter mate sister tabbies (who were gifted to us after a friend's Birman 'got out' in 1999) died aged just 12 after a short battle with squamous cell cancer. Mark was wonderful & sent us to the North Downs Referral Practice (which was equally good) for new treatment (only successful on dogs to that date) which we are convinced helped her. Then last year 2017 in August at the age of 18 & 2 months her sister went down hill so quickly despite being a well handled kidney (KD) patient only to break our hearts with the same dreadful & final squamous cell cancer that had claimed her sister. Throughout all this 2nd nightmare Mark (& his excellent team) offered support & were so understanding & kind - we cannot thank you all enough for all you did for them both. Then there are the state of the art services - goodness if only the speed of diagnosis all on site where as good for humans! Excellent & if there is a next time around I'm coming back as a loved cat! As we are about to entrust you (with confidence) to our new adopted cats - thank you lovely Clerkenwell team; empathy goes a very long way. x
Jul 13, 2018
Facebook Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Laura
When I had a recent emergency with my cat Pushkin, everyone was extremely professional and kind, especially the vets Will and GIovanni. I really appreciated and Pushkin has made a full recovery.
Jul 10, 2018
Google Medivet Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Animal Hospital Yohai
Very professional, friendly and with very little time waiting