Our support for Wilderness Foundation Africa

We’re proud to support a number of animal charities doing incredible work around the globe. One of our biggest passion projects is working with the Wilderness Foundation Africa to protect the endangered rhino.

Across the African continent, rhino poaching has reached horrific levels. In South Africa alone, a rhino is killed every eight hours for their horn due to the false belief that it contains medicinal properties able to cure cancer, fever, and gout. The only people who benefit from a rhino’s horn are the poachers making a profit from the illicit trade.

The future of one of the planet’s most noble creatures is under threat and if we do nothing to help fight this illegal trade, the rhino population will decline to extinction. Charities such as Wilderness Foundation Africa do invaluable work in combatting the crisis, but they can’t do it alone.

We've committed our passion and resources to help stop crimes against wild animals and their environment. As part of this commitment, we’ve partnered with Dr William Fowlds – once a member of the Medivet family – through the Wilderness Foundation Africa, to develop, implement and support the rhino protection initiative in South Africa.

Medivet and Wilderness Foundation Africa

It’s been five years since Medivet pledged its support of Wilderness Foundations Africa’s efforts to protect endangered rhinos in South Africa. In that time our generous colleagues, clients and partners have contributed over £600,000 to projects that have helped to combat the rhino poaching crisis.

Rhino mother and baby in the wild

One Million Donations for our Medivet Saving The Rhino Campaign

We are delighted to announce that thanks to our wonderful and generous clients, we have raised £500,000 in donations via Pennies, for Medivet’s Saving the Rhino campaign in partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa's Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.

Two rhinos in Africa

Medivet Saving the Rhino

Every eight hours, another rhino is killed for their horn in South Africa. In partnership with wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds and the Wilderness Foundation Africa, we’re on a mission to combat the rhino poaching crisis.