Meet Dr Will Fowlds

Dr Will Fowlds is a wildlife vet in South Africa, a passion and a calling from his childhood days spent in the wild African bush of the Eastern Cape.

Will went to school at St Andrews in Grahamstown and studied veterinary science through Onderstepoort in Pretoria. His conservation experience is rooted is the conversion of a fifth generation family owned domestic farm, along with neighbouring properties into what is now known as the Amakhala Game Reserve. One of the priveledges in Will’s professional life is to work with Rhino around the Eastern Cape reserves and to get to know them as individuals.

Will travels to the East and to the West sharing his personal testimony of the brutal reality of poaching from the coal face as well as efforts to bring back rhino from the brink of death with his pioneering veterinary care. These emotional accounts have prompted media from around the world to convey the tragedy befalling these magnificent creatures.

Will is the Project co-ordinator for the Wilderness Foundation Africa, focussing on the Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign which extends his impact further into the environmental crisis in these watershed times.

He spends part of his time facilitating courses which connect veterinary students from around the world with the diversity of African wildlife. These Vets go Wild courses aired around the world as the Safari Vet School series, via ITV and Animal Planet.


Rhino mother and baby in the wild

One Million Donations for our Medivet Saving The Rhino Campaign

We are delighted to announce that thanks to our wonderful and generous clients, we have raised £500,000 in donations via Pennies, for Medivet’s Saving the Rhino campaign in partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa's Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.

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Medivet Saving the Rhino

Every eight hours, another rhino is killed for their horn in South Africa. In partnership with wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds and the Wilderness Foundation Africa, we’re on a mission to combat the rhino poaching crisis.


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