West Sussex Vet Stages First Dog Blood Donor Day To Help Save Canine Lives Over Christmas

Dog lovers are being urged to consider canine blood donation to help boost stocks and save lives over the festive period.

Yoko who received blood from a donor

Medivet 24 Hour Faygate is inviting dog owners - and their pets - to its first blood donor day on Thursday 19th December. Run by Medivet’s in-house blood donation service, VetBlood, the session is being laid on to ensure there is enough blood stock supply to last over the busy festive period.

Dogs can need blood transfusions during surgery or following an accident. They have different blood types, just like humans, which means veterinary practices need a variety of breeds to donate.


Thankfully, Yoko made a full recovery but would not have survived if we hadn’t been able to find suitable blood in time.


The team at Medivet 24 Hour Faygate recently helped three dogs needing blood transfusions – including a Tibetan Terrier, whose life was saved by a donation from Veterinary Surgeon Rob Reynolds’ own black Labrador.

The patient, Yoko, needed a transfusion after tests showed her red blood count had dropped to dangerous levels and she stopped eating. Her desperate owners feared the worst after discovering Yoko had a rare blood type – but blood donated by Rob’s dog proved a near-enough match.

“Time was really against us and there was a chance Yoko would reject the blood,” said Veterinary Surgeon Esperanza Montaner, who carried out the transfusion on Yoko.

“Thankfully, Yoko made a full recovery but would not have survived if we hadn’t been able to find suitable blood in time. However, if she ever needs a blood transfusion again, she will need it from the same blood type donor.”

The donation process is quick and is no more painful than an injection. Local dog owners interested in attending or wanting to find out more about the benefits of dog blood donation can contact Practice Manager Mandy Tyrell on 01293 851122.

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