• Our pledge to you and your pets

Patient and Client Charter

Our patient and client charters set out our commitments to the standards of service we aim to provide to both you and your pet, so that you know exactly what you can expect from us.

Patient charter

Our promise to your pet...

  • If your pet displays signs of pain and distress, our team will act as quickly as possible to alleviate this
  • If your pet needs to be hospitalised, we’ll make sure their environment is clean and comfortable, and that they receive regular monitoring to help keep stress levels to a minimum
  • Dogs will be provided with clean and comfortable kennels and given regular opportunities to go to the toilet
  • Cats will be provided with clean and comfortable bedding and have their litter trays changed regularly
  • Small pets and birds will be provided with food and accommodation that suit their individual requirements
  • The environment will be monitored to ensure that your pet is kept at a comfortable temperature

Client charter

Our commitment to you...

  • We will continue developing an organisation where you are respected and valued and where your pet is cared for as a family member
  • We will regularly train and develop our staff to ensure we provide the highest standards of service and care
  • We will instil in all our staff the awareness that every activity has an impact on the quality of service you receive

We will strive at all times to:

  • Be sympathetic, compassionate and caring
  • Remain accessible, sensitive, transparent and responsible
  • Listen carefully and provide appropriate and relevant solutions to your concerns
  • Offer your pet the best treatment options available
  • Provide clear and accurate information regarding treatment and costs before we proceed
  • When necessary, and practicable, refer your pet to one of our colleagues who has more experience and skills in dealing with your pet’s condition
  • Consider any feedback you provide
  • Attend to you courteously, helpfully and promptly on arrival
  • Provide you with a warm and welcoming experience
  • Answer your telephone call promptly
  • Ensure that our staff identify themselves by name on the telephone and wear their name badges at all times
  • Respond to all your concerns
  • Acknowledge all letters, email queries and complaints promptly

Help us, help you

Our goal is to always provide you and your pet with the best possible service and care. To do this we need you to:

  • Give us all the information we need to help you
  • Let us know if you have any special needs or concerns
  • Take out pet insurance to provide you with the necessary budget to pay for your pet’s healthcare
  • Ask us to explain anything you are unsure of
  • Be friendly and courteous with us
  • Tell us how we can improve our services
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