Your Cat's First Birthday

There's a lot to think about when your cat turns one. That's why we've highlighted some key advice to help you care for your cat as they grow older.

Nurse caring for tabby kitten

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Vaccinating your pet

Vaccinating your pet has many benefits and keeps your pet safe from potentially fatal diseases. Find out the benefits of getting them vaccinated.

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Understanding your cat's behaviour

Cats are intriguing pets, sometimes they want to interact and play with you and other times they’ll act like they don’t even know you – we love them, nonetheless. We’ve tried to answer some common questions from cat-owners about their cat’s behaviour.

Cat eating from bowl

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Your complete guide to cat nutrition

Feeding your cat the right diet can help keep them healthy for years to come. Understanding how much to feed your cat plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight.

For all your cat advice, speak to your local Medivet practice.

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Medivet Healthcare Plan

Regular care that's always there. Our healthcare plan is a convenient way to give your cat the everyday care they need each year to stay happy and healthy.

The Importance of Insurance

Insurance can offer peace of mind, especially in challenging times. At Medivet, we are committed to providing trustworthy, expert advice that helps you care for your pet, including advice on choosing the right insurance policy to protect your pet.