Covid19 - your questions answered

In times like this, uncertainty and questions are common - so we have collated the questions most frequently asked by our clients.

Over the past 3 and a half weeks we have been helping our clients look after their pet’s health and wellbeing, while we all work to stay safe from Coronavirus.

Below is a selection of the most commonly asked questions our practice teams are supporting. We hope this Q&A can help answer any questions or worries you may have. We’re here to help.

Frequently asked questions from our clients


1. What should I do if my pet is unwell?

Please call your practice as normal. We are here to help and want to ensure that we look after our patients during this time as we always do.

We may decide that your pet needs to be seen in practice or we may offer a telephone or video consultation to better assess their condition. Can we please ask that you only attend the practice if you have spoken to your local Medivet branch first, made an appointment and they are expecting you.


2. If the vet advises me that I need to bring my pet in, how will this work?

We have social-distancing measures in all of our practices. You can read more about them here, we appreciate your support in keeping everybody safe.

3. What if I am self-isolating or vulnerable and am concerned about my pet’s health?

Please call your practice, we may recommend a telephone or video consultation with a vet ensuring that we tend to your pet’s needs while also keeping you safe.

If the vet needs to see your pet, we will work with you to arrange a way in which we can do this. Please be assured we are here to help both you and your pet.

4. I have received a vaccination reminder; can my pet be vaccinated at this time?

It is important to us that we continue to maintain the health of all of our patients whilst ensuring that public health is maintained and that we work within the government guidelines. Vaccinations will therefore be assessed on a case by case basis by your vet.

  • In most cases it will be important that we complete puppy and kitten initial vaccination courses.
  • Leptospirosis is a disease that we vaccinate against in dogs, this illness can pose a danger to human health and therefore this booster vaccination will also be deemed necessary in most cases.
  • Kennel cough vaccines can in rare cases pose a risk to human respiratory health and we are therefore likely to postpone this vaccine. Risk of dog to dog transmission is reduced at this time as in general our dogs have less contact with dogs from other households.
  • Cat booster vaccinations are likely to be safely postponed for the next two months.
  • Rabbit vaccinations are highly likely to be recommended as the risk of VHD and myxomatosis is high in Spring. These diseases can be life threatening for rabbits and therefore vaccinating against them is of utmost importance.

Please contact your practice to ensure the right decision is made for your pet, taking into consideration their health and the environmental risk.


5. My pet is due to be neutered, can this procedure still take place?


This will depend on the individual circumstances within your household, and of your pet. Please contact your local Medivet branch to discuss the full range of options for you and your pet.

6. My pet receives routine medication, can I continue to get this?

Yes, it is exceptionally important that we continue to treat any underlying health conditions your pet may have.

Please contact your practice as normal, we will work with you to ensure you can safely receive your pet’s medication during this time. This could involve a contactless collection from the practice, or we may be able to post this to you. 


7. To get the right medication dosage my pet needs to be weighed, I don’t have any scales, what should I do?


Please contact your practice and we will advise on what you can do to ensure your pet gets the correct dosage of their medication.

8. Can I continue to receive my pet’s flea and worm treatment on the Medivet Healthcare Plan?


Yes, absolutely. Please call your practice and we will work with you to ensure you safely receive this medication. This could involve a contactless collection from the practice, or we may be able to post this to you.


9. My pet is due their 6-month health check, should I attend this appointment?

It is very important that we maintain our pet’s health at this time, preventative healthcare and regular vet check ups form a large part of this.

Please contact your practice and we can discuss the option of a telephone or video consultation where feasible. We may ask you to video your pet at home and take pictures of their teeth, gums and ears for example. If you have the facility to weigh your pet at home, this information will also be very helpful to us.


10. What should I do about my pet’s insurance?


We consider insurance vital to enabling us and you to best provide for your pet’s health needs.

We do appreciate these are difficult times, please read our insurance advice here


11. I am worried, my pet seems stressed as their routine has changed. What should I do?

Maintaining the wellbeing of our pets is extremely important. Our website has some environmental stimulation hints and tips on the Covid section. Please also call your practice if you are concerned, we may recommend a video behaviour consultation with a vet, where we will be able to assess your pet’s behaviour and suggest some bespoke recommendations to help.

12. My pet is pregnant/due a litter. Can I get advice and/or bring them in for an appointment?


Please contact your practice as normal and we can discuss your concerns and advise on the best course of action. We can also discuss how we can help once your pet has given birth.

13. Can I still bring my pet in to get their (nails clipped/hair brushed/teeth checked) as I can’t do this at home?


Unfortunately, this would be considered as non-essential so we wouldn’t be able to do this within our current guidelines.

Please contact your practice and we can talk you through how you can do this at home or make a future appointment.

14. I have recently got a new puppy/kitten and I am not sure what I need to do about their initial vaccinations and flea and worming?


If you have recently welcomed a new member of the family, we may be able to help with a complimentary phone or video consultation.

This will be a great opportunity for us to meet your pet and provide with valuable advice around vaccinations, flea and worming, nutrition and exercise.


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