Covid19 - Regular Care & Preventative Appointments

Although Covid-19 has placed restrictions on our ability to provide appointments as normal during the lockdown period, we do recognise that regular and preventive care is still very important for you and your pet.

We are therefore continuing to send out reminders where appropriate and urge you to contact your practice so that your needs can be accommodated as far as is possible.

We’re here to help:

  • We have introduced social distancing measures in all of our branches, and we have also launched new ways of helping you, such as telephone or video consultations
  • We can arrange a contactless collection service for medications, food, flea and worming treatments, or we can offer postage for some of these items too
  • We can offer phone and video consultations for routine appointments and health and dental check-ups


Please contact your practice with any vaccination enquiries and the team will be pleased to help, after discussion of the circumstances of each pet. Puppy and kitten vaccinations, year one booster vaccinations and rabbit vaccinations may be considered necessary in order to prevent potentially severe disease outbreaks. Our vets will also consider the necessity of a Leptospirosis vaccination due to its potential to infect humans.

We may need to delay some vaccinations or procedures that are less urgent until after the lockdown period, but will happily book these appointments in advance.


Medivet believes that insurance is important to support the health and wellbeing of every pet. Accidents and illness can happen at any time, and it’s comforting to know that the cost of your pet's care will be covered if ever needed. Find out more here.

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Covid19 advice & support

Medivet is committed to supporting our clients and pets even at this difficult time and we remain open as usual. Our covid-19 web page is being regularly updated and has helpful advice and tips on how to look after your pet amid the Coronavirus outbreak, including what to do if your pet has an appointment or needs care and you're self isolating.

Phone & Video Consultations

We are also now able to offer phone and video consultations, available across all our practices. Find out more.

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The importance of insurance

Insurance can offer piece of mind, especially in challenging time. At Medivet, we are committed to providing trustworthy, expert advice that helps you care for your pet, including advice on choosing the right insurance policy to protect your pet.

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