• #MedivetRhino

Ella's Call to Action

Unfortunately, for security reasons, we weren’t able to report on this incident until now. A few weeks ago, Eric and Ella were called to another poaching scene. Two rhinos had been poached in a reserve a few hours from Ella’s home and a track had been found.

Cold scent dogs like Ella are trained to pick up scents that are days old. Eric scans the area for tracks and then once they have been located, she can then follow a scent to its source. In this case the tracks were at least 36 hours old when they arrived on scene, Ella’s biggest challenge so far.

However, Ella didn’t disappoint and despite the heat and harsh working conditions, she traced the track of the poachers and located their entry point to a nearby boundary fence.

Dogs like Ella are vitally important to the forensic process that takes place at a poaching scene and they help gather evidence that is invaluable for a successful prosecution.


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