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Ella's Pawsteps: Part 7

Being a part of the APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) means working outside in all weathers and unfortunately for Eric and Ella that has recently meant working in very cold conditions. Temperatures can drop to below 0ᵒC overnight here and the two of them can be called upon at any time when a poaching strikes, on top of their regular day and night shifts.

 “We are lucky dog’s sight is so much better than ours”, claims Eric. “In the dark, we rely on each other more than ever to navigate the treacherous terrain and keep each other safe. The bush is a dangerous place and no matter how well you think you know it, you can never be sure what’s lurking around the next corner.”

However, it is not just the cold that can be a problem. The midday sun, in contrast, can get extremely hot which makes the long treks all that more exhausting for Ella, especially given her dark coat which absorbs the heat.

This project represents a partnership between Wilderness Foundation Africa, Medivet Saving the Rhino and the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, in support of rhino protection as part of the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.

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