• Ella to the rescue!

Meet Ella, Our Cold Scent Rhino Tracker Dog

We’re thrilled to announce that, with your very kind and generous donations, we are funding a very special cold scent rhino tracker dog in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, to help in the fight against rhino poaching.

Ella is a beautiful Bloodhound Doberman cross with an amazing sense of smell. She has been specially selected by the Chipembere Rhino Foundation to be part of the Wilderness Foundation's Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative, being the only such rhino tracker dog in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

How will Ella help?

Ella is a “cold scent” tracker dog, which means she’ll use her amazing sense of smell to follow older tracks where poachers have been and gone.

Sadly, there have been many instances where rhinos have been poached and left for dead for several hours or days before anyone can find them. The poachers then move on to attack another rhino elsewhere, so dogs like Ella are needed to track the poachers’ scent to a point where other detection dogs can intervene and apprehend those poachers.

Not only will Ella be a vital tool in poaching incidents, but she’ll also be feared by poachers – she will become an extra layer of protection that rhinos need to survive as a species.

Ella has been funded by you – our generous and caring clients – and without your help and support, Ella would not be here to help us. Thank you!

Please continue to share Ella’s story and your passion for our Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign with your friends and family; together we will reach a long-term solution to the poaching crisis.

You can follow Ella’s pawsteps on our Facebook page by using the hash tag #MedivetRhino.

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