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Merry Christmas from Ella - The Medivet Rhino Tracker Dog

Ella has had a whirlwind 2017 and a truly exciting first year of deployment.

The highlights of Ella’s year have been:

  • She got deployed to her base reserve at the beginning of the year and settled in nicely into her new home and schedule.
  • She was at the birth of Schofe the Rhino, Themba’s new baby.
  • She had her first live television broadcast to This Morning show in the U.K.
  • Attended a number of poaching scenes and successfully traced some trails to exit points and recovered valuable forensic exhibits.

She received her Christmas stocking this week with toys and some treats – which she was very happy about. It was thanks to various donations for the APU unit, that she was able to get such a special and well-deserved gift.


Ella’s Christmas message is a big thank you to all her donors in the Medivet family and followers for the love and support over the last year. May you have a wonderful and safe festive season. See you in the New Year.


This project represents a partnership between Wilderness Foundation Africa, Medivet Saving the Rhino and the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, in support of rhino protection as part of the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.

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