• Ella's Rhino Antics

World Rhino Day

Today is World Rhino Day and as Ella’s main job is to protect these magnificent creatures, we thought the day wouldn’t be complete without an update on Ella’s recent rhino-related antics!

At the beginning of the month, Ella tried her paw at being a TV star during a live feed of ITV’s ‘This Morning’, when the programme followed up with rhino Themba who Phillip Schofield met earlier in the year.



When Phillip last saw Themba we found out that she was pregnant, and since then there has been a very special arrival, with Themba giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. Over the course of her pregnancy, the anti-poaching unit (Ella included) have been keeping a close eye on Themba, eagerly anticipating her due date. Fortunately, Ella and Eric managed to locate Themba and were on the scene to watch over her as she gave birth to her first calf.

While the birth of Themba’s baby is a true cause for celebration, it is also tainted with the sad reality of why Ella is needed. Under normal circumstances Themba would be all this baby needs to keep safe, but due to man’s greed and the current demand for rhino horn, dogs like Ella and the people on the anti-poaching team are tasked with keeping both Mother and baby safe from harm.

But in this ongoing fight to save the rhino we feel it is important to celebrate and enjoy our wonderful new addition and acknowledge a truly magnificent species. Happy World Rhino day everyone and thank you for all your continuing support for Medivet’s Saving the Rhino campaign. #MedivetRhino

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