A Day with 'Many Tears Animal Rescue' was a Day Well Spent

Our caring Medivet duo has put their spare time to good use by volunteering to help Carmarthen’s animals in need.

Dr Ciara Taylor, Regional Director for Dorset and Cheltenham, and vet Ceri Moore from Medivet Newtown, spent a volunteer day with Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) in Carmarthen. 

The rescue takes in and rehomes ex-breeding dogs, some on ‘death row’ in pounds and others whose owners are no longer able to keep them. It does not have funds for a full-time vet so welcomes occasional veterinary volunteers. 

During the day, Ciara and Ceri notched up 4 spays, 8 castrations, 2 pregnancy scans and treated several sick animals. 

Ciara said: “As a Regional Director, I don’t do surgery as often as I used to so thought a volunteer day with MTAR would be a great way to support its work while helping me to refresh my skills.

"Ceri and I really enjoyed the day and were impressed at MTAR’s efficiency and organisation. The dogs they receive are often in a terrible state but you can tell that they are used to coping with a heavy work load and the MTAR team provides fantastic care to these long-suffering animals.

“It was great to be back at the operating table and to help so many animals in need. We hope to do it again before too long.”

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