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Mickey's Christmas Update: My Forever Home

Hello and Happy Christmas!

This is the second Christmas in my new home and this year, I’ve noticed that they have placed a few of the shinier, prettier decorations higher up the tree compared to last year. Is this a challenge? The humans and I had great fun running around with the baubles last year; if I recall correctly, they were shouting with such excitement!



The humans have said that “I’ve been a good boy” and 'Santa' will bring a new fleece and maybe some toys for me on Christmas day. The fleece will definitely come in handy because I really do love my walks but it gets quite nippy during this season! I remember when the humans and I have gone to the woods for a nice winter walk, they would unclip me from my leash to explore but I had to run around just to keep warm. The humans had then kept telling me to stop and come back; I think they must have been worried about my legs. My human family needn’t worry, the vet and his team made my legs feel much better since.

I heard the humans telling the little humans that 'Santa' will come to our home during the night! Oh this ‘Santa’ won’t get past me. When 'Santa' gets here I’ll go up to him and show him my legs (the ones that had the surgery), perhaps he'll give me more presents?! On the note of friendly faces, my human recently locked himself out and asked one of the neighbouring humans (more agile and less old) to climb into our garden and go through the house to let him in. I made sure to show him my bad legs and my belly. The humans asked me, “what if he had been a bloody robber?” I think they meant to say 'belly rubber' but occasionally they'll slur if they've had a few.    

I’m very popular amongst the little humans you know. They invite me to their football matches but they say I can't play. How can they expect me to stand and watch when they know the football is my favourite type of ball? So instead, I nestle onto a chair and rest my head on my human’s lap. I have such a busy schedule and tend to forget I have my hydrotherapy appointments. The humans have told me that these sessions will strengthen my legs even more. I have a few friends at the hydrotherapy pool and love seeing them but they keep putting me in the water! I wouldn't mind except they always seem to get my ears wet! So then I love saying goodbye to them too!




My animal friends help me get by too. My best friend is Phoebe, she's a dog like me. I always get to see her when I go to have my claws clipped. I don’t like having my claws clipped but I suppose my Humans are worried I'll scratch Phoebe so I stay still and let them do it.



I live with Sid… he's ok I guess, for a cat. Cats are odd little creatures, I never know what they’re thinking. I let Sid snuggle up to me on the sofa sometimes, because at least then I know he’s not lapping up my water - or all of the humans' attention!



I’m so excited for Christmas day! There will be food in abundance, toys everywhere and all the family coming down. I've overheard the Humans talking about gravy and potatoes and oooh do I love my food! I've stopped stealing the Human's food now though, I don't want them to get too skinny - the cuddles would be rubbish! Apparently the Christmas table has to look nice, I thought I’d make a handsome centrepiece, what do you think?



Hope you have a lovely Christmas!




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