• Find Your Perfect Dog Buddy

Find Your Perfect Dog Buddy

It's Professional Pet Sitters Week from 4th March, and we've teamed up with DogBuddy, a leading pet-sitting service that pairs owners who are going away with carefully selected pet sitters, to give you advice on how to keep your pets as happy and stress-free as possible whilst you are away.

In a recent report by the PDSA, 2.3 million dogs are left alone for five hours or more during the day. DogBuddy’s 2016 dog owner survey found that almost three quarters of dog owners feel guilty about leaving their dog home alone.

Even more shocking is that 28% of dog owners believe it is acceptable to leave their dog home alone for 6–10 hours on a typical day.

Many dog owners are still to realise that dogs should never be home alone for more than four hours at a time, but with jobs and other factors in the way, some dog owners don’t feel like they have a choice.

There is a solution

Andy McVey, partner and veterinary surgeon at Medivet Orrell Park, said “When it comes to dog sitting, I think we all share the same ambition - to keep our pets as happy and stress-free as possible whilst we are away.”

With so many options available on the market - from Kennels to family and friends - it can often feel overwhelming to decide on the best place for your dog. Family and friends are cheapest, but aren’t the most reliable or experienced. If you’re looking for experienced professionals, then Kennels are often very expensive and lack the human interaction family and friends provide.

Enter DogBuddy. Europe’s largest online community where dog owners meet local, vetted dog sitters.

Andy says “The opportunity presented by DogBuddy is the perfect way for our pets to not only continue their lives as normal, but also gain a new friend!”

“To browse all dog sitters and have the option to choose the right dog sitter for your pup gives you complete control and peace of mind.”

Lack of human interaction and socialisation is a major player in dog Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and behavioural problems. If, like almost half of dog owners surveyed, you know your dog has shown signs of separation anxiety through home destruction, excessive whining and/or excretion, then constant interaction is an absolute must for your dog’s mental and physical stimulation and wellbeing.

Andy says “Human interaction is a crucial component of any dog’s life and the avoidance of long periods of isolation, either at homes or in Kennels, can massively reduce stress or anxiety.”

On DogBuddy, you’ll not only find dog sitters and walkers, but dog nannies who will visit your home to look after your dog in the comfort of their own surroundings. This is the perfect option for elderly, unwell or particularly nervous dogs such as newly rehomed or rescued pups.

McVey comments “Any medical conditions or protocols can be closely adhered-to without the need of changing the normal daily routines of our pets.”

“With a dedicated dog buddy, we can be rest-assured that our pets are getting the care, attention and affection they need when we can’t be there to give it ourselves!”

How do I find my perfect Dog Buddy?

Getting your perfect dog sitter is easy with these 5 steps:

  1. Head on over to DogBuddy.com and sign up for free or download the free iOS app (Android users - don’t worry, they’ve got one launching soon!)
  2. Type your address in the search bar
  3. Browse through thousands of dog sitter listings
  4. Read real customer reviews
  5. Send your dog sitter an enquiry and book!

Don’t believe us? 

Android app users

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What should I look out for on DogBuddy?

When you click on a DogBuddy sitter profile, you should:

  • Read the reviews
  • Read the description given - this is where you’ll find crucial information
  • Are there any credentials? Look to see if the sitter can administer oral and/or injectable medications, if they have a car, and if they are CPR/first-aid certified

Why should I choose DogBuddy?

As Europe’s largest dog community - over 200,000 users can’t be wrong.


All dog buddies are personally vetted. Only 10% of dog sitter applicants are approved on the site, so you can guarantee you’ll be choosing from the very best.


In order to ensure ultimate peace of mind for dog owners, dog sitters and dogs, DogBuddy provides complimentary Public Liability Insurance and Veterinary Cover for all bookings.


Download the app and receive daily pup-dates and pictures of your dog having a blast on holiday, while you’re away.


All payments are made securely online.


With over 200,000 users, you’ll always find a perfect dog sitter close to you, to help keep your dog around familiar surroundings.

Click below to visit the site or download the app!

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