• Winter Socialising Tips

Keeping pets calm and relaxed

Parties and get-togethers can mean a constant stream of people coming and going, increased noise, and a general buzz of activity and excitement.

All this action may stress out nervous or introverted pets who prefer the quiet life. We’ve put together a few ways you can help limit disruption and keep them calm.

Stick to your routine

With extra social engagements and less time, it can be tricky keeping a normal routine with pets. Walk time and lengths may be affected, while meal times shift. However, even small changes to routine can affect some pets and cause anxiety.   

Help to reduce this anxiety and keep things as consistent as possible: walk your dog regularly for the same length of time, ask a neighbour to feed your pet if you’ll be out.


Manage the anxiety of meeting new people

If you have guests over during the holidays, make sure your pet isn’t overwhelmed by a host of new people over-running their territory. Allow them to become used to new faces (especially young children!) before they’re played with.

Kids may unintentionally seem intimidating to pets if they’re excited and make sudden movements; teach visiting children how to interact with your pet in a gentle and respectful way to ensure there’s no stress caused.   


Be aware of noise levels

Guests trampling through the house and loud music playing can frighten pets, so be mindful. Consider placing them in a closed-off, separate room far from the noise if they’re unsettled, or turn the TV up slightly to mask some of the noise.


Create a safe space  

If noise and activity are overwhelming for your pet, make sure you prepare a safe space for them to go and relax. Make the room comfortable with a warm bed, water bowl, litter tray, their favourite toys, and anything else they might need.


If you require any further advice, contact your local Medivet practice, who’ll be happy to help.

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