• Meet Alfie!

Alfie's Story

Alfie is our 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel. He is a beautiful tri-colour roan. I fell head over heels with him the moment I met him as a tiny pup and he’s been my loyal companion since. 



Alfie is a very loving and affectionate dog... he loves nothing more than a cuddle, and has always been particularly keen to snuggle on you, even if it means you can’t move for an hour or so (all the better for him if you can’t). He also likes to try and sneak his way onto any sofa or bed whenever he can, to be close at hand for a cuddle.


He was in on the romantic secret when my now husband proposed as the sun went down over the hills in Cornwall. 



He certainly loves his ‘people’ very much and he fills our lives with love and joy every day and he has stolen the hearts of many who know him. 


He knows how to rock a bow tie... and who wouldn’t love that!! 


He most loves: Food, Sleep, cuddles, digging at the beach & watching animals on TV


He most hates: Rain, Carrier bags, bicycles, being left out of anything. 

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