• Borehamwood's Braveheart: Riley

Borehamwood's Braveheart: Riley

Hello, my name is Riley and I visited Medivet Borehamwood recently because my mum found a lump on my chest.

I saw a very friendly vet at Medivet Borehamwood, and they wanted to do a test to see if it would tell them what the lump was. The test was called a Fine Needle Aspirate, and it meant taking some of the lump with a needle and looking at it under a microscope. They only found blood inside the lump, so the vet said it might be something called a haematoma, which is a blood filled lump. The vet recommended we try some anti-inflammatories to see if it gets smaller, and if it didn’t, they would have to remove it.

I then went on holiday with my family, and when we returned we visited the vet again to see if the lump had changed. The lump didn’t make me feel any different; I could still run around and it definitely didn’t stop me from eating! The vet felt that it would be best to remove it just in case it was something harmful, like cancer.

Before the operation, I had to have a CT scan to see what the lump looked like in 3D. This meant the vets could see the lump in more detail, and find out if it was attached to any other tissues or organs.

My mum dropped me off at Medivet Hendon to have my operation. I was a little scared but Sarah, the nurse from Medivet Borehamwood, came with me and the vets were very nice to me.

All of a sudden, I felt very sleepy and when I woke up, it was all over! They completed the CT scan, and they had removed the lump.

In the end, they found that the lump was a lipoma, which is just a fatty lump, so there was nothing to worry about. However, because it was so big and grew so quickly, it was best to have it removed.

I heard the vet say to my mum that it may have been displacing my trachea, so it was definitely a good idea to have it removed.

I had a rubber drain placed under my skin to help stop any fluid build-up, and I also had some more anti-inflammatories to go home with.

My mum made me wear a t-shirt so I couldn’t scratch the wound. The vet also told my mum that I had to be calm and not run around until the wound healed properly, otherwise I could damage it, so I’m happy I am allowed to run again. It worked really well because it’s all healed now and I feel so much better!

I was so brave at the vets, and because of this, I was awarded Medivet Borehamwood’s Braveheart award for the month! Thank you so much for making me feel better again!

If you spot something unusual on your pet, or if your pet displays signs of ill health, don’t wait until it’s too late. Prevention is better than cure, so contact your local Medivet practice for further information or veterinary advice. 

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