• Brave Barley

Braveheart Barley

Back in September, a beautiful six-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Barley visited Medivet Oakdale with an upset tummy and then later rewarded with a Braveheart Award – an award that is given to patients who display tremendous amounts of bravery during treatment. Here’s Barley’s story…

Barley had been vomiting and suffering with diarrhoea for a few days so had become dehydrated. The team admitted Barley into hospital, placed her on a drip, took a blood sample and administered medication to make her feel better. Unfortunately, Barley didn’t make an improvement, so the team suspected it was more than just an upset tummy.

After performing an X-ray, the team could see what was happening inside Barley’s intestines but because this was inconclusive, they had no choice but to perform an exploratory laparotomy – a diagnostic tool used to examine abdominal organs. To the vet’s surprise, they could see a piece of corn on the cob causing an obstruction inside Barley’s intestines. They successfully removed this and, after a few nights in hospital, Barley was reunited with her family.

After a couple of days, suddenly poor Barley was rushed back to Medivet Oakdale as she had been fitting. Unfortunately the reason for this was unknown but it could have been due to the stress Barley’s body was under previously.

Unable to stabilize Barley, the team had to take her to a nearby specialist hospital in Ringwood. It was a mad dash to get Barley there as quick as possible; head nurse, Nikki, held onto Barley in the back of the car while her owner drove them to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the cause of Barley’s fitting could not be identified but it was likely a result of the tremendous amount of stress her body went through previously. The specialists kept Barley heavily sedated for several days, and after ten days in hospital, the Graves family were finally reunited with their beloved pooch.

Barley continues to make very good progress and will need to take medication long term. Barley and her family were very brave and this is why they were rewarded Medivet Oakdale’s Braveheart Award.

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