• Meet Bruno!

Bruno's Story – Medivet Pet of the Year 2018

Bruno, unlike most of us, is one ‘ear-resistable’ giant lop that never worries about waking up to a bad ‘hare’ day. In fact, Bruno was selected as the winner of Medivet’s Pet of the Year 2018 after an intense selection process that filtered through over 1000 applications!

Not only did Bruno win a fantastic engraved trophy with his name and award on it, he also won a free year on the Medivet Healthcare Plan AND was featured in the Medivet Calendar 2018!

Mummy Ellen was so proud of Bruno and wanted to share his story:

"Bruno is a one of a kind bunny and I am so pleased that he won the Medivet Pet of the Year 2018.

Bruno has had a tough start in life, he and his sister were taken to Medivet Radlett only a week after I bought them. I took them in due to his sister hurting her leg trying to escape their run; unfortunately, neither bunny came home with me that day, unknown to me both bunnies were suspected to be suffering from Encephalitozoon and Coccidiosis.

After a lot of tests, medication and many visits to Medivet Radlett, Bruno managed to pull through but, unfortunately, the sister didn't make it. Bruno had a long way to go and with the love and care from the team at Medivet Radlett and myself, he eventually became a healthy and happy bunny. He is loving, affectionate, full of life, and, all be it, a bit dopey. Bruno is a great companion and can always put a smile on anyone's face.

I wanted Bruno to win pet of the year not only because I think he deserves it but also to help people see that rabbits can be affectionate and loyal pets too.

Well done Bruno!"

To seize this amazing ‘hop-portunity’ and collect his engraved pet of the year trophy, Bruno and his partner in crime, Pixie the continental giant, made their way to Medivet Radlett.

When they arrived at the practice, Bruno and Pixie inspected the trophy together and had a sniff at the year’s free Medivet Healthcare Plan award and Bruno’s picture on the Medivet Calendar 2018 (Pixie was a little bit envious!).

Pixie started nudging Bruno towards the camera and this showed the brown colouring on Bruno’s neck (the vet told us this is where Pixie keeps licking Bruno)! In the end, Pixie was happy to wait in her harness whilst Bruno enjoyed his big moment.

Bruno was very pleased and commemorated his triumph with an obligatory picture with Senior Partner, Guy Carter, Bruno's mummy Ellen, Radlett’s branch partner, Alan Hirschowitz, and Nevena Claughton from Medivet (left to right). 

Mummy Ellen was so happy with the bouquet of flowers presented to her and the Medivet 2018 Calendar with Bruno’s picture on the front. She was also pleased to receive a framed certificate with Bruno’s winning photo stating his free year on the Medivet Healthcare Plan.

Congratulations Bruno!

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