• Impaled on a Branch: Mya Lives to Tell Her Tale

Impaled on a Branch: Mya Lives to Tell Her Tale

Medivet West Byfleet’s Head Vet, Laura, has seen many cases of impalement throughout her career as a vet, but nothing quite like this one…

A glorious stroll in Woking turned into an absolute nightmare for Mya – a six-year-old female lurcher – after she chased a rabbit through the woods and shrieked.

Mya was lying on the ground and, when her owner, Lee, ran over to her, it took her a second to notice what was wrong – an 84cm branch was sticking out of her chest.

Lee realised she had to snap it away from another branch that it was connected to, otherwise her beloved dog would die. The branch had pierced Mya’s left shoulder and it had gone through her chest and out through her right thigh – she had perforated her spleen, diaphragm and liver.

This was a really serious incident and Lee knew she couldn’t pull the stick out on her own, nor could she believe what was happening. That’s when the lovely Laura from Medivet West Byfleet came to the rescue.

In the woods, Laura didn’t know how far the branch had gone into Mya’s body, but after getting Mya to the practice, radiographs confirmed that it was indeed a very serious injury.

This was definitely a once in a lifetime case for Laura, and she said it was a very tricky surgery. She admitted she was scared to remove the branch because the risk of bleeding was seriously high, and she wasn’t sure if she was going to tear a really important vessel; Mya’s heart was leaning on the branch.

There was a chance that Mya wasn’t going to make it. In fact, her chance of survival was 5%, so Laura had prepared Lee and her family for the worst – saying goodbye to their beloved furry family member.

Thankfully – and miraculously – after four months of recovery, Mya pulled through and she lived to tell us her phenomenal tale (with the help of her owner)!

Lee said Laura was fantastic throughout Mya’s treatment. Laura phoned her twice a day to keep her updated on progress, and the day Mya returned home, Laura came in on her day off to handover quite a complicated care regime to Lee and make her feel comfortable with it all.

Sadly though, all of this did come at a price, for which some was covered by Mya’s pet insurance provider. The bill came to around £17,000 and it became very real to Lee that pet insurance is so important.

She said: “When you take out your insurance, you think £5,000 sounds like a lot, but it went within the first four days”.

Lee said she never thought twice about paying for the rest – she just did what she could to help make her baby better.

We’re extremely glad that Mya is better and back to living a happy and healthy life (but be careful in the woods, Mya!).

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