• Meet Maxwell!

Maxwell's Story

Maxwell was a present from my husband for my 50th Birthday, having lived without a furbaby for about 18 months after sadly having to say goodbye to our 20-year-old ginger boy – Taz.

Having opened a long list of dated envelopes with holidays and weekends away to enable me to tick off many things from my bucket list. The last envelope just said “coming soon”…inside was a montage of pictures of British Blues – it made my entire 50th birthday.


6 days later and on Christmas Eve 2016, we visited a local breeder, who had a very cuddly little boy of 8 weeks old – we fell in love with him immediately. Some 5 weeks later “Beauxchats Maxwell Blue” joined the Lockey household filling a great hole in all our hearts. 



A year on and we would just not be without him now – he loves nothing more than being held like a baby and falling asleep in our arms.


When we’re busy and not paying him enough attention he makes sure we know it! And if we sit down in front of the TV, its only a matter of seconds before he’s by our side, wanting some fuss in returned for his loud purrs (like most British Blues, he is not always a lap-cat – only when he wants to be, and usually just when you want to get up and do something!


Bed-time would not be complete without a furry foot warmer lying at the bottom of the bed every night, with the occasional loud purr in our ears – we think he just wants to check we are still breathing!

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