• Meet Sherlock!

Sherlock's Story

Sherlock was 8 weeks old when we got him. He was advertised as partially sighted, as you can see in the above pictures that first night we took him home we could see he was very poorly. We took him to Medivet Denham who told us he was almost completely blind and that he had pneumonia as well as a damaged skull etc and that he was unlikely to last the night. I refused to accept this, I gave him 2 hourly meds and he was still with me the next day.

Then he went to a hospital and they performed scans and they said it was cruel to keep him alive and just to put him to sleep. I refused and so did Medivet Denham which I'm so grateful for. They wanted to fight, so did I and more importantly so did Sherlock. After that week passed, we were confident.


Many professionals had said he was unlikely to make his first birthday but I decided to love him now and worry later. In the months that followed Sherlock had many surgeries and battles to overcome; countless infections in his eyes, damage to the skull from possible beatings by breeders, hip surgery, knee problems, chest infections, nasal surgery, soft palette surgery, testicles to be removed from the stomach, and too many teeth so they needed to be extracted.

You name it, he had it!

But Sherlock is a fighter and on December the 21st Sherlock celebrated his first birthday. He now has very partial sight in one eye thanks to my routine eyedrops and he is an amazing little puppy. I'm so proud of him.

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