• Meet Sunshine!

Sunshine's Story

Sunshine was born on 12th August 2011 in Buxton, Derbyshire. She was registered at The Kennel Club UK as Fabulous Fiona by her original owners.

It was a sunny day on 7th October 2011 when Sunshine became a part of our life. She was 8 weeks old, so cute and small. The runt of the litter, she has grown into an amazing Labrador.

We try our best to keep Sunshine fit and healthy. She mainly eats either grain free or hypoallergenic dog food twice a day, takes her joint vitamins once a day and takes one dental chew after her walkies. I also cut her nails, brush her teeth and clean her ears as and when she needs it.

Sunshine loves playing fetch, swimming and going through muddy places. She gets mini walkies every day and long family walkies on weekends.

Sunshine also enjoys lazy days, lying on the floor near our feet or having a nap on her big bed while we watch something on the telly.

There are three things that she hates the most. They are fireworks, deworming tablets/liquid and the hoover. If she could wish for them to be gone, I know she would.

We can't imagine our life without Sunshine. We love her so much and we are lucky to have her. She will become a big sister this coming April and I am sure she will be great!

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