• Meet Zeus!

Zeus' Story

This is Zeus, he is our Savannah cat. Savannah's are derived from the serval and are a relatively new breed but are quickly becoming popular in the U.K. Zeus came into our lives as a kitten and is now almost 2 years old and will be fully grown at around 3 years old.

Zeus is a typical Savannah, high energy, inquisitive and very intelligent. He loves to play, climb and jump. Everyone who meets him falls in completely in love with his unique personality and striking looks! He is such an amazing special boy and every day with him is certainly lots of fun. He loves adventure and can even be quite mischievous at times! He can open cupboards and has even jumped in the bath as a kitten!

Zeus loves to join in with the family and to play with my children. He is a large cat weighing around 6kg but is such a gentle boy who loves nothing more than coming for a cuddle at the end of a long fun-filled day. He loves to give playful headbutts and show his affection towards us all. Loyalty to their family is a Savannah trait and he certainly lives up to this.

He is a social boy who loves a good chat with us throughout the day. Zeus enjoys going out into his enclosure where he can climb and play and enjoy the fresh air and loves us to go out with him and spend time playing with him. He is great at climbing the trees and loves to try and catch bugs! 

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