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Welcome to your Medivet Healthcare Plan (MHP) newsletter, where you can find helpful information about your healthcare plan. Read about keeping your pets safe this firework season, how to care for your geriatric pet, and details about the Medivet Festive Competitions!

How to keep your pet safe this firework season

As we prepare for exciting occasions such as Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night, many pet owners will know how anxious animals can become when surrounded by loud noises. Sadly, while we are able to enjoy watching firework displays, our pets often feel scared and intimidated.

Once a dog has been traumatised by fireworks, it can be really difficult to rehabilitate them, so prevention is better than cure. Recent statistics show 96% of dogs never recover from their fear of fireworks, with only 1/3 of owners seeking advice so please don’t delay in consulting your vet.

A fantastic way of helping your pet adapt to the firework season is to use Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats. These products don’t cause sedation. Instead, they work in a natural way to help comfort your pets. They are useful on particularly noisy nights, as they ensure your dogs and cats feel calm and reassured. We are running a special promotion on purchases of Adaptil and Feliway, plus as an added bonus; they qualify for your 10% discount on the Medivet Healthcare Plan.


It is also important to ensure your pets are microchipped and the details are correct. According to Cats Protection, only 1 in 2 cats are found when they run away or get lost, so it is vital to have their microchip details up-to-date.

Don’t forget about small pets! Bring your rabbit or guinea pig’s hutch inside, or cover part of it to effectively sound-proof it. Give them lots of extra bedding so they can create their own safe spot.

If you need further advice on how to cope with your pets this firework season, please contact your local Medivet practice or pop in for a chat. If you do pop in please bring your pet along and we can then check the microchip details for you – and if you need a chip it is complimentary on the MHP.


How can you care for your geriatric pet?

Just as we need some extra care and attention as we get a bit older, so do our pets. You can improve their quality of life greatly when you are aware of their ailments, which is why it is important to attend the interim health check between annual boosters. Prevention is always better than cure. The interim health check is a big part of being a responsible pet owner, as regular visits to your local practice will enable them to ensure your pet is in good health. A common problem for our geriatric pets is arthritis.

As we head into winter, it is important to keep in mind that joint pain is worse in colder weather. Ask your vet about treatments available to make your pet more comfortable. Try to brush your pet’s teeth regularly (we can show you how to do this), as geriatric pets are more likely to have poor dental hygiene and dental disease. As a member of the Medivet Healthcare Plan, you will receive 15% off all dental work. Also, you can enquire about the senior packages within the Healthcare Plan at your local practice, as they are designed to ensure your pet can live a long and healthy life!



Get ready for Christmas!

Celebrate Christmas in style with a hamper full of goodies by clicking here and filling out the competition form. There will be one winner from each practice.

You can also upload a photo of your pet to be entered into our Christmas Calendar competition! There will be 12 finalists who will be in the Medivet 2018 Calendar. Then you, our clients, will have the chance to vote for your favourite pet photo.

The winner will become the Medivet Pet of the Year 2018!

Good luck! All entries will be displayed on our facebook for everyone to enjoy.

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