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Our RHD Total Healthcare Plan For Your Rabbit

The RHD Total Healthcare Plan is designed to protect your rabbit from both strains of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV). RHD is a highly infectious viral disease that causes severe systemic disease and is often fatal. Previously, protection against this disease has been available separately for both RHD1 and RHD2. Our new healthcare plan is a convenient way to give your rabbit the everyday care they need, for both the RHD1 and RHD2 vaccines.

key benefits:

  • Annual booster vaccinations (Myxo, RHD1 & RHD2)
  • Complete protection against worms, flystrike and E.cuniculi for the year
  • Nose-to-tail health check every 6 months

extra features:

  • 10% off all vet care and medication
  • 10% off Excel food
  • 15% off dental procedures
  • Microchipping (if needed)

Maisy's healthcare plan:


Kevin lives in Liverpool with his rabbit Maisy. Recently this area reported an outbreak of a deadly disease called RHD2 (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Type 2), therefore it was vital Maisy’s healthcare plan protects her from this.

Kevin pays £12.50* per month. This plan allows him to conveniently pay monthly, knowing Maisy is protected.


*Price may vary depending on species, breed, weight, and age.

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