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Our December care advice for cats

The abundance of festive treats this month will be tempting for cats. Our Christmas care guide explains why keeping them out of paw’s reach is so important. Also, don’t miss our advice on keeping your pet warm and safe when the temperature drops.

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Christmas care guide

Christmas is a great time to be with friends, family and pets. Amid the festivities, don’t forget that some traditions can cause issues for your pet, including toxic treats and a stressful household.

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Cold weather care for cats

The winter season brings new challenges for pet owners. From cold weather sniffles to signs of an underlying issue, make sure you’re aware of how the winter months can affect your cat.

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Reasons to visit your vet

Most owners know to visit their vet when their pet is ill or injured, but did you know regular appointments throughout the year can be just as beneficial for healthy pets?

Exceptional care solutions

When you become a pet owner it can be confusing trying to figure out how to provide your pet with the very best care. Discover what pet insurance is, what a pet healthcare plan is, and how the two differ.

Find your local Medivet

Find your local Medivet


Latest pet care advice

Autumn is here. See all our latest advice for your pets.

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