Our health advice for senior cats

All you need to know about caring for your cat in their senior years. Find out about the importance of spotting heart disease early, signs of arthritis, and what to do if your cat experiences sensory issues. 

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Reasons to visit your vet

Most owners know to visit their vet when their pet is ill or injured, but did you know regular appointments throughout the year can be just as beneficial for healthy pets?

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Heart disease in cats

Cats can be affected by a range of heart disorders; some cats may be born with a defect (Congenital), others may develop one during their life (Adult onset). Find out more about why early detection and awareness is important.

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Arthritis in cats

Arthritis can affect cats at any age, but it usually occurs as they get older. Learn how to spot the signs and adapt your care.

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Hyperthyroidism in cats

Hyperthyroidism in cats, or an overreactive thyroid, is extremely common as cats get older. Find out what causes the condition and how to treat it.

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Does your cat have high or low blood pressure?

Much like humans, cats can suffer from issues with their blood pressure. Keep reading to find out the potential causes, signs to look out for, and treatment.

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How to tell if your cat is blind or deaf

With the right care and attention, cats often adapt well to sensory issues. Read more about how you can tell if your cat may be deaf or blind and how to care for them.

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