Our Hot Weather Advice For Dogs

During a heat wave, it's important to know the essentials to keep your dog happy, healthy and protected.

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Heatstroke in dogs

Heatstroke in dogs can be fatal. Find out how to spot the signs of heatstroke in dogs and how it can be treated and prevented.

Pet Advice

Ten Tips for Keeping your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Hot weather can be uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs. Read our top tips for keeping your dog cool in hot weather.

Pet Advice

Lungworm in dogs

Lungworm in dogs was once rare in the UK but is becoming more common, so it's important to know what causes it and how you can prevent it.

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Pet Advice

Dog dental care

While we’re good at brushing our own teeth, when was the last time you thought about brushing your dog’s? As our dogs can’t brush their own teeth or tell us when they’re in pain, they rely on us to look after their dental health.

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