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Our latest care advice for dogs

Read our top tips for staying safe on your autumn walks and learn how to adapt your dog’s grooming for the cold weather. Also, remember to watch out for ticks and discover ways to keep your dog stress-free during fireworks season.

Autumn walks with your dog

Autumn is a great time to get back to nature with your dog. Discover our advice for staying safe with your dog this season.

Your complete guide to ticks

Ticks can pose a serious risk to dogs. Learn more about this common parasite and find out how to protect your pet from tick-transmitted diseases.

Grooming your dog for cold weather

Dogs need regular grooming throughout the cooler months. Learn how to adapt your current grooming routine and find out what you should be looking for in your next session.

11 ways to prepare your pet for fireworks

Fireworks can cause stress, anxiety and even aggression in dogs. Keep reading for our top tips to prepare pets for fireworks season.

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Latest pet care advice

Autumn is here. See all our latest advice for your pets.

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