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Our rabbit care advice and tips have been created to give you all the information you need to keep your rabbit happy and healthy. From first time to experienced rabbit owners, our advice is for anyone. Read our latest advice here.

Pet Advice

How to desensitise your pet to fireworks

Fireworks and other sudden loud noises can cause stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. Find out how to desensitise them gradually over time, so that they’re well prepared for fireworks season.

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Pet Advice

Rabbits and Myxomatosis

We recommend rabbits are vaccinated every 12 months to protect them against contracting potentially fatal diseases such as Myxomatosis. As the weather warms up, there is an increasing risk of your rabbit contracting this and other diseases.

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Fudge the Rabbit’s Dental Dilemma

Fudge had to have his molar teeth smoothed out by Medivet Oakengates after his sharp teeth were cutting into his tongue and stopping him from wanting to chew.

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Symptom Checker

If you’re not sure whether your pet needs to see a vet, our quick and easy Symptom Checker can help. Answer a few simple questions about the signs of illness your pet is displaying and the checker will advise whether a trip to the vet is necessary and how urgently that specialist care should be given.

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We have strict social distancing guidelines in place for appointments. The aim of these is to protect our team as well as our clients and we really appreciate your support. Click through for further details on our guidelines.

Healthcare Plans for rabbits

Help protect your pet from disease and ensure they live a long and happy life with the Medivet Healthcare Plan specially designed for rabbits.