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Our Pet Dental Advice

While we’re good at brushing our own teeth, when was the last time you thought about brushing your pet's? As our pets can’t brush their own teeth or tell us when they’re in pain, they rely on us to look after their dental health.

Which pet do you have?

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Taking care of your dog's teeth is essential. Find out why it's important, and how you can improve your dog's dental health.


Prevention is key and taking a few small steps can help improve your cat’s dental health. Find out why it's important, and how you can improve your cat's dental health.

Rabbits in hay

Rabbit Dental Care

Dental disease is very common in rabbits and is often linked to what they eat, which is why keeping on top of their diet is really important. Find out how you can help your rabbit's dental health.

Book a complimentary dental check

Many of our practices offer complimentary dental checks for your dogs and cats. Find out more information here.

Medivet Healthcare Plan

Regular care that's always there. Our healthcare plan is a convenient way to give your pet the everyday care they need each year to stay happy and healthy.