The importance of preventative care for your pet

Vaccines, boosters and medical checks are important for maintaining your pet's health.

We all want to do the best for our pets, even during these difficult times.

While pets aren’t thought to be at risk from coronavirus, maintaining their general health and wellbeing remains vitally important. Ensuring that boosters and vaccinations are kept up to date is a crucial part of responsible pet ownership – now more so than ever.

We all need to protect our pets from illness and ensure they receive the right care if they do fall ill. Safeguarding pets from certain conditions such as worms, cat flu or parvo virus is not only essential for pets, it’s essential for everyone as preventative care helps to minimise the risk of diseases spreading to other animals and to our loved ones.

Of course, keeping our clients and colleagues protected is of paramount importance and we have adopted stringent hygiene measures to safeguard everyone’s health. Our staff are working tirelessly to ensure they are able to deliver the care your pets need and we have a number of solutions in place which could also help. Please see our updates on receiving medicines in the post or our home collection service for clients who can’t make it in to one of our practices.

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Covid19 advice & support

Medivet is committed to supporting our clients and pets even at this difficult time and we remain open as usual. Our covid-19 web page is being regularly updated and has helpful advice and tips on how to look after your pet amid the Coronavirus outbreak, including what to do if your pet has an appointment or needs care and you're self isolating.

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Our Regular Pet Care Advice

It’s always good to keep a check on your pet’s health. Follow our simple guide on regular pet care to keep them healthy and happy.

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Vaccinating your pet

Vaccinating your pet has many benefits and keeps your pet safe from potentially fatal diseases. Find out the benefits of getting them vaccinated.

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