• Our Practice Services

Veterinary & Animal Services

  • 24 Hour Emergency Care
    We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have internal round-the-clock care at our 24-hour practices.

  • Access to Emergency Care
    Need emergency care? Call us so we can transfer you to our out-of-hours provider.

  • Vaccinations
    Vaccinations are essential for protecting your pet from a variety of life-threatening illnesses.

  • Fleas & Worming
    Regular flea and worming treatment to keep your pet – and house – free from pesky parasites.

  • Pet Passports
    Some of our vets can issue pet passports so your pet can join you on your holiday. Ask in practice for more information.

  • Symptom Checker
    An online, scientifically tested quiz that identifies how urgently your pet needs to see a vet.

  • Free Client Parking
    Many of our practices have free client parking available onsite.

  • Medications & Prescriptions
    We can provide repeat medications and prescriptions for ongoing conditions – ask us for details.

  • Cat Friendly Clinic
    Some of our practices have been awarded Cat Friendly Clinic status by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

  • Disability Friendly
    Many of our practices feature disabled access. If you have any specific requirements, please call us.

  • In-house Laboratory
    Some of our practices have in-house laboratories, allowing us to run tests and provide same day results.

  • Home Visits
    Many of our practices are able to offer home visits if you find it difficult to get to our practice.

  • Separate Cat & Dog Wards
    Many of our practices have separate cat and dog wards, keeping your pet calm and relaxed throughout their stay.

  • Microchipping
    A small and pain-free chip that helps reunite lost pets with their beloved owners.

  • Neutering
    The best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies; an important part of responsible pet ownership.

  • Garden
    Many of our practices have a garden for your beloved companion to get a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air!

  • Dog Boarding
    At selected practices, our friendly kennel teams have several decades of quality kennel experience.

  • Cattery
    At selected practices, our cattery teams care for your cat while you enjoy your time away.

  • 24-Hour Intensive Care
    We can provide 24-hour intensive care to​ critically ill patients at our 24-hour practices and external out-of-hours providers.

  • MRI
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging assists us with diagnosing health problems and planning further treatment.

  • Free Nurse Clinics
    At selected practices, we offer free nurse clinics. Our experienced nurses offer free expert advice on how to keep your pet healthy.

  • Vet Blood Supplies
    Emergency blood products and courier available 24 hours.

  • Orthopaedic Theatre
    Some of our practices have dedicated orthopaedic theatres, allowing us to deal with conditions involving your pet’s musculoskeletal system.

  • Keyhole Surgery
    Smaller incision wounds, faster recovery, less pain and less time under anaesthetic.

  • CT Imaging
    Creates detailed 3D images for a clear diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • ECG
    An electrocardiogram is used to study the electrical activity of the heart.

  • Laser
    Cutting edge technology for reducing trauma in soft tissue surgery.

  • Ultrasound
    Many of our practices have ultrasound machines; a non-invasive imaging technique used to examine your pet’s internal organs.

  • Acupuncture
    Some of our practices use acupuncture as a technique to help relieve pain in many conditions.

  • Endoscopy
    A small and flexible camera that examines internal body parts with little surgical intervention.

  • X-Rays
    Most of our practices have X-Ray machines. This is a diagnostic imaging technique used to investigate and diagnose diseases in your pet.

  • Operating Theatre
    Some of our practices have state-of-the-art operating theatres, allowing us to perform all major surgery onsite.

  • Dentistry
    Our excellent dental facilities help us to care for your pet’s oral health.

  • Hospitalisation
    Your pet will receive continuous, high-quality care throughout their stay.

  • Isolation Unit
    Many of our practices care for patients with infectious diseases in our isolation units so other animals aren’t at risk.

  • 15 Minute Consultations
    To allow you enough time to ask as many questions as you wish.
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