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Rabbit Care | Advice & Tips | Medivet

Our rabbit care advice and tips have been created to give you all the information you need to keep your rabbit happy and healthy. Read our latest advice here.

Looking after your dog's eyes

Checking your dog’s eyes should be part of their regular grooming routine. Their eyes should be clear, moist, bright and react to light.

Looking after your rabbit's teeth

Dental disease is very common in rabbits and is often linked to what they eat, which is why keeping on top of their diet is really important.

Medivet Streatham

At Medivet Streatham we offer the highest standard of veterinary care for your pet. Just like you, we love animals and pride ourselves on having a highly skilled team dedicated to providing your pet exceptional care.

Company overview

Medivet was founded in 1987, Medivet is a veterinary owned and led group of more than 300 branches with 19 state-of-the art, 24-hour veterinary centres across the UK.

New Kitten - Key Priorities

New kittens are so much fun, but there are some important things to remember amid all the excitement. Read our kitten advice to find out more.

Brexit and Pet Travel

The UK will leave the EU at the end of this year. This will mean changes to pet passports. Read our advice and be prepared.

Medivet Horsford

Our friendly staff, professional approach and comprehensive range of services and facilities attract clients from Norwich, Norfolk & East Anglia who are looking for a vet they can trust.

Five ways to care for your rabbit in the heat

Rabbits can struggle in very hot weather, so it’s essential that you keep them cool and calm. Read our advice on how to care for your rabbit in the heat.