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Vets in Shrewsbury | Veterinary Services and Treatments | Medivet

We have a range of vets across the Shrewsbury area to ensure that you receive the care you and your pets need, when you need it.

Cat summer advice

Summer is here and there’s some sun to be enjoyed. Summer days are ideal for cats who love to laze about in the heat.

Popular kitten names

With an increase in the number of newly registered kittens, take a look at the most popular names.

Summer advice for dogs

The summer months mean that you get to spend a bit more time outside. We’ve had some great spring weather – let’s hope it continues.

Finding the right pet sitter

For peace of mind when you’re away from home, read our advice on finding the perfect sitter for your pet.

Your complete guide to ticks

Ticks can pose a serious risk to your pet. Learn more about this common parasite and find out how to protect your pet from tick-transmitted diseases.

Moving house with your pet

Moving house is an exciting but stressful time, and it can also be really stressful for our pets. This will of course depend on the nature of your pet, but even the most confident pet is likely to be anxious with so much going on.

Travelling in the UK with your pet

For many of us, the current Covid restrictions have meant a change to our travel plans and more people than ever are opting for a British staycation. Coupled with potential lack of boarding at kennels and catteries, many are considering a holiday with their pet. Take a look at our advice on travelling with your pet.

Lungworm in dogs

Lungworm was once rare in the UK but is becoming more common, so it's important to know what causes it and how you can prevent it.