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Microchip Brings Wandering Smokey Home

A vet from Medivet West Byfleet is urging owners to microchip their pets after a Surrey family was reunited with their cat, Smokey, who went missing six months ago.

Dog Vaccinations

Regular vaccinations protect your dog from potentially fatal diseases. Find out what’s involved and why they’re essential to for keeping your dog safe.

Fleas and worming

Checking for fleas and worms are an important part of any pet owners routine, which is why we’re always there to help you prevent an infestation.

Flea Treatment for Dogs

Regular flea prevention is an essential part of any dog’s care routine. Find out how to protect your pet and keep your home flea-free.

Pet Euthanasia

Deciding to put a pet down is a heart-breaking time for any owner. Find out what pet euthanasia means and what to expect.

Pet Cremation

Cremation offers a way to help you remember your pet should the worst happen. Find out more about what happens and the support available.

Protecting your rabbit against RHD2

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease variant two (RHD2 or VHD2) is a relatively new and fatal disease affecting rabbits across the UK. Learn more about this highly contagious virus and how to prevent it.

Latest advice for cats

Learn all you need to know about your cat’s blood pressure and find out how to spot sensory issues. Also, don’t miss our top tips on taking your cat to the vet.