Medivet Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Medivet Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Figures show the mean and median difference in hourly rates and bonus pay between men and women as well as the proportion of colleagues who received a bonus:

  • Mean gender pay gap: 24%
  • Median gender pay gap: 38%
  • Mean bonus gender pay gap: 63%
  • Median bonus gender pay gap: 82%
  • Proportion of males receiving a bonus: 74%
  • Proportion of females receiving a bonus: 92%

Proportion of males and females in each quartile band:

  • Quartile 1: Males 24% Females 76%
  • Quartile 2: Males 13% Females 87%
  • Quartile 3: Males 7% Females 93%
  • Quartile 4: Males 7% Females 93%


Supporting statement

Dr Arnold Levy:

We are working hard on a fair, diverse and inclusive culture across our business. We recognise the value and talent of all our team members and want to ensure everyone is rewarded fairly. 

We have reduced both the mean gender pay gap and the mean bonus gender pay gap since the last report was published. However, we acknowledge there is still work to do and we are committed to addressing areas of particular concern and continuing to reduce any disparities.

The figures show there is less gender imbalance across our communities of nursing staff, vets and receptionists – where there are marginal differences – than in Support Centre. The difference in pay by gender is largely driven by the proportion of males to females in more senior positions and we are taking steps to redress this.

We have gender-neutral salary grading schedules but the industry is heavily female dominated, which does influence the gender pay and bonus gaps.

This year we are placing greater focus on recruitment to ensure we improve diversity at all levels. We are more transparent about promotion opportunities and there is renewed emphasis on training and development across the business.