Isolation Unit

Medivet's in-house Isolation unit

Our in-house isolation units allow us to care for pets with diseases that spread easily, while protecting our other patients from infection.

Protecting our patients

Many of our practices have separate isolation units, allowing us to give intensive treatment to patients with contagious health issues, while protecting the other pets in our care.

There are a number of conditions that require isolation in order to stop them spreading, including cat flu, parvovirus, leptospirosis, kennel cough and feline leukemia.

What is an isolation unit?

An isolation unit is a separate ward for pets with contagious diseases These units have a number of features to keep your pet as safe as possible.

As well as a special ventilation system, we have dedicated staff members that follow stringent protocols to eliminate the risk of infection spreading. This includes using separate equipment and supplies from our regular wards.

Our isolation units also feature stress reduction measures such as species separation and quiet areas to help keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

To learn more about how we prevent the spread of infection throughout all our practices, speak to your local Medivet team.

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