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Medivet Leamington Guy Celebrates 1000th Laparoscopic Spay

Friday 20th April was a very special day for us here at Medivet Leamington Guy Street.

Not only did we launch our new Facebook page, but we are very pleased and proud to announce that we also carried out our 1000th keyhole surgery or Laparoscopic Spay in just over seven years.

The lovely Lola and her owners Mr and Mrs Holt came in this morning to see our Head Nurse Sam for an admit appointment. Lola then had her pre-med with our surgeon Hugh and Theatre Nurse Vicki.

Less than an hour later Lola was recovering, and ready to go home with Mr Holt later that afternoon. Lola's owners chose the laparoscopic neutering procedure for her as it's much less painful, and the recovery time is far quicker than with a traditional “midline” spay.


We first started this keyhole procedure just over seven years ago, and now most of our dog spays are carried out this way. We've done laparoscopic spays on dogs of all shapes and sizes from tiny chihuahuas to large leonburgers.


If you'd like to know more about our laparoscopic spays, please give us a call on 01926 423161.

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