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  • Your vet in Yateley

    Welcome to our modern and well-equipped veterinary practice in Yateley. Discover a wide range of services including Laparoscopic Surgery and referral Cardiology as well as truly exceptional patient and client care. When you visit, our friendly and experienced team will be happy to welcome you.

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Meet the team

Jonathan Spurgeon

Lead Veterinary Surgeon

Aleksandra Michalik

Veterinary Surgeon

Mark Oakley

Veterinary Surgeon

Jo Wells

Veterinary Nurse

Louise Holland

Head Veterinary Nurse

Danielle Jackson

Student Veterinary Nurse

Flo Humphries

Student Veterinary Nurse

Ryan Hyland

Patient Care Assistant


4.8 /5
54 reviews
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Jul 11, 2019
VetHelpDirect Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Would just like to say how pleased we were with the whole process of our puppy dogs spaying operation. The process was explained in a pre op visit by a nurse and we chose to have it done by keyhole surgery. She was booked in the following week. The reception staff were so friendly and attentive. After the op we met Jonathon who explained that everything had gone well and a post op appointment was made for 2 days later . Mabel was welcomed back by the reception team and then in to see Jonathon who made a lovely fuss of her ... we were reassured at all times that if there was any problem they were on the end of a phone ... can not recommend them enough ...
Jun 12, 2019
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Having been with Kynoch for 4 years with my dog, I cannot rate them high enough. My dog has had some nasty accidents over the last year including an impalement and a stick puncturing his throat. Jonathon and the team have been amazing treating him (no matter the severity of injuries) and nursing him back to recovery and I cannot thank them enough for saving my best friend several times!
Feb 15, 2019
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Jonathan and his staff are so kind and friendly I have used this vets for 20 years .
Dec 3, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Great family vet. We have been using them for over 25 years.
Nov 18, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
My 15 month old Great Swiss Mountain Dog female needed spaying, and as we usually visit another Kynoch Vets location, we were referred for a laparoscopic spaying plus an additional procedure called a Gastropexy, which eliminates the possibility of a stomach twisting, a condition that all large deep chested dogs can develop and that my pup had already developed, and that condition is known more commonly as "Bloat". This was my first visit to the Yateley office, which is the Kynoch location that handles surgical procedures as a main function. It is a beautiful location, but has a poorly designed car park due to the nature of the location. Often cars will park back to back, and if you were there first, you have to find the person that parked behind you and ask them to move their car to allow you to drive away. Luckily there is a park across the street that usually has a few places free to park. Our surgeon Jonathan could not have been nicer or more knowledgeable, answering all of my questions which were many. A Gastropexy, the way that Kynoch performs it, is more complicated than the standard method of stitching the stomach to the abdominal wall. Jonathan's method was far superior and should provide complete protection from stomach torsion (twisting), which as I mentioned earlier my 15 month old puppy was at a high risk of developing. The procedure, though it sounds complicated, was an outpatient procedure. As it was done on a Friday afternoon, Jonathan gave us his contact details in case their were any problems over the weekend. She was sent home with a full-body tshirt instead of a "Cone of Shame" and it proved to be both soundly designed and quite a conversation topic! Luckily there were no problems and two weeks later my puppy continues to heal and improve. I am exceedingly pleased with the quality of service and the staff friendliness, but I will say that you pay for this as Kynoch Vets are not the cheapest. Overall I would not hesitate to use them again.
Sep 13, 2018
VetHelpDirect Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Great work from Jonathan Spurgeon and his team in performing keyhole spay on my poodle cross, Dora. 4 days post op and she’s as good as new! Thank you.
Sep 13, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Great service from Jonathan Spurgeon and his team. My poodle cross had keyhole spay 4 days ago and is good as new. Very helpful and reassuring.
Aug 20, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Fantastic! The friendly reception staff are a joy. Helpful and knolledgible. Johnathan the vet we see is great. Professional and kind. Helped us with Fraya our boarder collie pup He put us at ease explained everything that he was doing when he was checking her over. Found there was nothing wrong with her. The only problem was her two owners who were a bit like new parents a bit over cautious. Four years on. We take Fraya for her yearly jabs to Johnathan and just wouldn't take Fraya to anyone else 100 percent faith and confidence in them
Aug 10, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
We can't thank the team at Kynoch Vets Yately enough for their care and fantastic work. Our Rosie couldn't have asked for more last Wednesday when they saved her life. All the vets and nurses were on hand to get her through. A massive big thank you to Jonathan, Lizzie and lovely Mark and to all the nurses. Also the amazing Jeannie on reception who held my hand throughout the operation. You are all, each and every one of you absolutely fantastic and if it were down to me you would win Vet Practice of the year because you so deserve it. Thank you so very much.
Aug 10, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
Phenomenal customer service for both us and the pet, always very thorough check ups with our cat. I've never been to a vets that care for the wellbeing of your animal so much! Highly recommended
Aug 10, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
What more can I say. A 5 star service from Johnathan and his team. I would recommend to all pet lovers without hesitation.
Aug 3, 2018
Google Medivet Yateley - Kynoch Vets Verified User
This is an excellent vet the staff are always helpful and friendly they are extremely caring I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our dogs