Partner with us

Since our inception in 1987, Medivet has always defined itself as a partnership; it’s one of our strengths and truly part of our DNA.

Our approach to partnership is unique. On the ground, each branch partnership combines the clinical partner (the practising vet) and a managing partner (Medivet). All costs and profits are shared according to profit shares, meaning both partners have a sincere interest in ensuring the success of the practice. We believe two are better than one, so we work with you to provide expertise and support that simply isn’t available to an independent practice.

Branch partnerships perform better, clinically and financially, and success is rewarded at a much higher rate. Partnering with us also gives you more time to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients, as well as access to the very best facilities, equipment and people.

There are now over 150 Branch Partners in the Medivet Group. By becoming a Branch Partner, you become a valued part of this supportive and progressive community.

Become a Branch Partner in an existing Medivet practice

Becoming a Branch Partner in one of our existing practices is a fantastic opportunity for any ambitious vet looking for their next challenge. Partnering with Medivet allows you to own part of a business with confidence, and at a price you can afford.

I have a practice and would like to partner with Medivet

Entering into a partnership with Medivet provides an unrivalled opportunity to grow and develop your business. By joining our community, you’ll be able to focus more on what you do best: providing exceptional care for your clients and their pets.