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Ten tips for caring for your dog in hot weather

Hot weather can be uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs. Read our top ten ways to care for them in the heat and ensure they stay cool.

cat sitting in shady box

Ten tips on caring for your cat in hot weather

Cats are sensitive to the heat and need extra care in summer to help them keep cool. Read our tips on keeping your cat cool when the temperature rises.

Lost Cat

Many cats are wanderers by nature and can prove very self-sufficient – nonetheless it’s still a real worry when they don’t stick to their usual routine. We’ve got some advice on measures to keep them safe and also what to do if they do become lost.

Girl feeding rabbit

Your complete guide to rabbit nutrition

Feeding your rabbit the right diet can help keep them healthy for years to come. Understanding how much to feed them can play a key role in maintaining a healthy weight, as well as knowing how many treats they’re allowed.

Our Rabbit Care Guide

Keep your rabbit healthy and happy with our essential guide.

Dog vaccinations and booster vaccinations

Regular vaccinations protect your dog from potentially fatal diseases. Find out what’s involved and why they’re essential to for keeping your dog safe.

Nurse caring for tabby kitten

Vaccinating your pet

Vaccinating your pet has many benefits and keeps your pet safe from potentially fatal diseases. Find out the benefits of getting them vaccinated.

Rabbit vaccinations

Vaccinating your rabbit is important to ensure they thrive and stay happy and healthy. Find out more about rabbit vaccinations including what vaccinations are required and when.

dog in a car with a seatbelt

Travelling in the UK with your dog

For many of us, the Covid restrictions have meant a change to our travel plans and the uncertainty about overseas holidays, coupled with the rise in dog ownership, means that more people than ever are opting for a British staycation and a holiday with their dog. Take a look at our advice on travelling with your dog.

Finding the right pet sitter

For peace of mind when you’re on holiday, read our advice on finding the perfect sitter for your pet.

Separation anxiety in dogs

Dogs are social creatures and many experience separation anxiety when left alone. Learn how to spot the signs and how you can help.

How to desensitise your pet to fireworks

Fireworks and other sudden loud noises can cause stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. Find out how to desensitise them gradually over time, so that they’re well prepared for fireworks season.