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2 people walking 3 dogs in Autumn

Autumn walks with your dog

Autumn is a great time to get back to nature with your dog. Discover our advice for safe walking with your dog this Autumn.

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a respiratory infection that causes a nasty cough in dogs that can last for several weeks. In a similar way to human colds, it is caused by a number of different bacteria and viruses.

Summer advice for dogs

The summer months mean that you get to spend a bit more time outside. Read our advice on making sure your dog stays happy and safe.

cat in the grass

Cat summer advice

Summer is here and sun to be enjoyed! Summer days are ideal for cats who love to laze about in the heat.

How to Socialise your Dog and Children

Owning a dog can be highly rewarding for children of all ages. Learn how to successfully socialise them and foster a lasting bond including how to introduce them and importantly how they play.

Five Ways to Care for your Rabbit in Hot Weather

Rabbits can struggle in very hot weather, so it’s essential that you keep them cool and calm. If your rabbit isn’t managing to stay cool, there’s a risk that they may get heatstroke, Read our advice on how to care for your rabbit in the heat.

Alabama Rot in Dogs

Although still considered rare, cases of Alabama rot (or CRGV) in dogs have risen in recent years after it was first identified in the US in the 1980s. Keep reading for our advice on what it is, how to spot it and what to do if your dog is affected.

Summer days out with your dog

Spending days out in the UK with your dog can be fun and rewarding for the whole family. Read our advice on where to go this summer. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous you might even make it more of a holiday. There’s lot to think about when travelling with your dog.

Crate Training

Opinion is often divided on crates, but many experts agree that it’s a useful training tool that can help puppies and some older dogs feel secure. It’s also a helpful way to ensure that your puppy can stay safe when you’re not in the room – usually used at night, but also for short periods during the day.

How to cope with puppy biting

When your puppy gazes up at you with their big eyes and playfully nibbles on your hand it can seem utterly adorable. However, when they are young puppies have razor sharp teeth, so when the nibble progresses because they’re excited – it hurts a lot! It’s normal for puppies to mouth and bite, if you don’t control their behaviour from the outset you could be storing up bigger problems for later on.

Ten Tips for Keeping your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Hot weather can be uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs. Read our top tips for keeping your dog cool in hot weather.

Cat sleeping in shade

Ten tips for keeping your cat Cool in Summer

Cats are sensitive to the heat and need extra care in summer to help them keep cool. Read our tips on keeping your cat cool when the temperature rises.