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As the year turns from late spring to the start of summer, many pet owners are making the most of the warm weather (and the Bank Holiday weekends) by spending time outdoors with their pets. Take a look at our essential advice to keep your pet happy, healthy and protected.

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Blue-Green Algae Poisoning

Blue-green algae can be highly toxic to pets, causing fatal liver damage and long-term health conditions. Read about how to protect your pet this summer.

Skin allergies: Atopy

As one of the most common skin allergies, atopy affects a huge number of pets. Learn how to spot and treat it.

10 facts you might not know about rabbits

Rabbits are one of the most misunderstood pets in the UK. Have a read of our top 10 facts you might not know about rabbits.

Vaccinating your pet

Vaccinating your pet has a host of benefits, including keeping your pet safe from potentially fatal diseases. Find out the benefits of getting them vaccinated.

Cat dental care

Taking care of your cat's teeth is essential. Find out why it's important, and how you can improve your cat's dental health.

Dog dental care

While we’re good at brushing our own teeth, when was the last time you thought about brushing your dog’s? As our dogs can’t brush their own teeth or tell us when they’re in pain, they rely on us to look after their dental health.

Travelling in the UK with your pet

Planning a British staycation with your pet? Take a look at our advice for keeping them happy and calm during the trip.

Finding the right pet sitter

For peace of mind when you’re away from home, read our advice to finding the perfect sitter for your pet.