Become a practice partner with Medivet

Since our establishment in 1987, Medivet has always defined itself as a partnership; it’s one of our strengths and truly part of our DNA.

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do. Unlike a franchise model, ours is a genuine partnership, sharing responsibilities, costs, profits and, ultimately, success. We focus on combining our nationwide strengths and your local expertise, working together to help your practice succeed.

As an ambitious and ever-expanding group, we’re seeking like-minded practices and practitioners to become part of our community, and we offer four rewarding ways to join:

  1. Buying into an existing Medivet practice to become an equity partner in an individual practice. Making an investment which allows you to improve your income and benefit from growth in the capital value of your business. 
  2. Selling your practice in part and retaining equity in partnership with Medivet, staying on as Lead Vet and Branch Partner. Giving you the opportunity to stay on and help grow the performance of the business and value of your investment, while benefiting in the same way as you would from an outright sale.
  3. Take employment at Medivet as a vet, with a view to later becoming a partner when you feel ready. We have a programme to assist vets along this path.
  4. Selling your practice outright and staying on as Lead Vet. Allowing you to focus 100% on your team and patient care.

Whether you already own a practice and are looking to take it to the next level, or you’d like to run your own clinic, there’s a route to partnership with Medivet that suits you. By becoming a Medivet Branch Partner, you’ll have access to pioneering technology, tools and support. You’ll be able to focus on your cases, treat more complex conditions and improve your patient care and profitability by joining our unique hub-and-spoke model.

There are now over 150 Medivet Branch Partners. Select from one of the options below for more details about becoming part of our growing community.

"I want to have my own practice"

Becoming a joint owner in one of our existing practices is a fantastic opportunity for any ambitious vet looking for their next challenge. You'll be part of our genuine partnership, sharing responsibilities, costs, profits and, ultimately, success.

"I have a practice and I’m considering my options for the future"

Whether you’re looking to sell completely or interested in retaining equity as a Branch Partner, Medivet has a range of options for practice owners considering their future. We can offer a solution that suits your needs and those of your practice.