Puppy pre-school at Medivet

Socialising your new puppy

At our puppy pre-school, your newest family member will get the opportunity to meet other puppies and people and will learn important socialisation skills.

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Getting a new puppy is an exciting and special time, as you bond with your new companion and begin to form a connection. As a dog owner, you need to be aware of your responsibilities. These include giving your puppy the correct training and care, so they’re able to grow into a happy and well-behaved pet.

There are many important steps to take when training your puppy, including socialising and teaching basic commands. Many of our practices host puppy pre-school, which provides fantastic opportunities to socialise your puppy and help them become happy and confident adult dogs.

They also provide an opportunity for you to ask questions or get advice on any aspects of puppy care that you’re unsure about. The trained professionals who run these gatherings are more than happy to help with any advice you might need.

What happens at the puppy pre-school?


Like human children, puppies aren’t born with the social skills they need, but acquire them over time.

Puppies usually go to their new owners at around eight weeks of age, so it’s important to begin socialising them as early as possible. Socialising your puppy in its first year will develop its character and temperament, and will result in your dog becoming comfortable around other dogs and people.

Puppy pre-school focuses on getting your puppy used to different events, environments and situations. Your puppy will socialise with a variety of dog breeds, with each breed being able to learn how others behave and react to certain interactions. Your puppies will also learn how to share their toys and your affection.


Your puppy will need to have basic training to grow into an obedient and responsive adult dog. At our puppy pre-school, various training topics will be covered, including ‘collar and lead training’, ‘sit and down’ and ‘bed or basket training’.

Your puppy will be most receptive to learning basic commands between 8-16 weeks of age, and the training tips we provide will be tailored to your puppy’s specific needs and requirements.

How can I book?

The easiest way to book is to contact your local Medivet practice.

Please be aware that we are not running puppy pre-school during the Covid19 lockdown period.

How much does puppy pre-school cost?

There is no charge for puppy pre-school. You are welcome to make a small donation to the Medivet Saving the Rhino.

Below is a great example of what these donations go towards.

Ella’s training

Thanks to your generous puppy pre-school donations, we’re currently funding a cold scent rhino tracker dog, Ella, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Ella was specifically selected, and being part bloodhound, she showed a natural talent for finding and following scents.

Before joining the anti-poaching team, she underwent further extensive training and was paired with her handler, Eric. Ella frequently encounters a variety of wild animals - not only rhinos - and often looks to Eric for reassurance and guidance, just as your puppies will when socialising for the first time.

Ella’s always experiencing new situations, whether they’re emergencies or training procedures. Your puppies will also need your reassurance when experiencing things for the first time, and our puppy parties will teach you with the best ways of giving your puppy the encouragement they need.

For more information on our puppy parties, speak to your nearest Medivet practice.

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