Our Summer Pet Care Advice

Many pet owners will be making the most of the warm weather by spending time outdoors with their pets. Take a look at our essential advice to keep your pet happy, healthy and protected over the summer.

Socialising Your Pet with Children

Owning a pet can be highly rewarding for children of all ages. Read our advice and learn how to successfully socialise them and foster a lasting bond.

Summer Safety

Summer is a great time to be a pet owner. Read our guide to make sure you know the everyday risks that warmer weather can pose to your pet.

Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Read our essential Top 10 Tips on keeping your pet hydrated during the summer months.

Flea Checks

Fleas are incredibly itchy and irritating for your pet, but they also cause health issues that are easily preventable. Find out what happens during a flea check.

For advice on the health of your pet, speak to your local Medivet practice.

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