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Medivet Shrewsbury Hydrotherapy Treatment

Here at Medivet Shrewsbury we are able to provide your dog with treatment via our Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmill. 

This allows us to safely and effectively help your dog to regain mobility and comfort following a range of ailments.

Conditions that can be treated with Hydrotherapy


  • Orthopaedic, including Cruciate ligament repair, luxations, fracture repairs
  • Spinal injury/surgery including Intervertebral disc disease
  • Osteoarthritis/Mobility issues
  • Rehabilitation from injury including soft tissue injuries
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Fitness training
  • Weight loss

Plus many other conditions.

Why use Hydrotherapy and how does it work?


The underwater treadmill works on a combination of speed and water. By controlling these factors, we can manage the effort your dog is making which can be tailored to thier specific requirements.

The bouyancy of the body in the water reduces the sheer force applied to the joints, enabling your pet to move along the treadmill with reduced pain levels.

The height level of the water can be altered, which in turn affects the surface tension. the higher the water level, the greater the support for unsteady patients.  In turn, a lower water level provides less support and can ultimately lead to an increase the animals reaction time/core strength.

Hydrostatic pressure can assist with your pet's circulation and increases the metabolic rate, which in turn can increase the calorific burn.

Water set at an optimum temperature can relax muscles, relieve pain and aid circulation.

Key Benefits of the Hydrotherapy Underwater treadmill


  • Pain relief, decreased inflammation, and increased mobility
  • Controlled weight bearing exercise
  • Increased potential to return to normal function quicker
  • Improved muscle mass and function
  • Release of endorphins



Also available for Referral Physiotherapy/Hydrotherapy consultations.

For more information, please call Medivet Shrewsbury or call us on 01743 465 554 to chat to one of our registered veterinary nurses about how hydrotherapy can help your dog.

Alternatively, email us at shrewsbury@medivet.co.uk.

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