Loughborough Vets Solve A Hair-Raising Mystery

Vets at Medivet Loughborough have helped to solve the mystery of a colleague’s missing hair bands – after scores of them turned up in her cat’s stomach.

Patient care assistant Freddie Martin rushed her cat Berlioz (also known as Little B) into the Forest Road practice with a swollen stomach. An X-ray revealed that Little B had eaten more than 20 elastic hair bands.

Medivet Loughborough head nurse, Kayleigh Taylor, said: “What we thought was a simple case of constipation turned into a surprise operation to remove the hair bands. Freddie had been wondering where all her hair bands were going. It appeared that Little B had been hoarding them in his stomach for a rainy day."

Freddie cancelled a planned holiday to Bulgaria so she could nurse Little B back to health after his unexpected laparotomy operation.

“He is now back at home and can’t wait to get the cone of shame off,” said Freddie. 


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